How to play Minecraft on LAN connection using WIFI

Many Minecraft players want to play together with their friends but can not afford an online server and they had a hard time seting up their connection. I’ll tell you a very easy way to play Minecraft Single Player together with your friend using WIFI connection “without” internet connection on Windows, especially Windows 7 (that I use).

First we need to set up a new connection, so open your Network And Sharing Center and click on Set up a new connection or network. On the drop down list find Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer to computer) network (image below).

Select Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer to computer) network.

Just follow the next step and let the computer set up your connection, enter your Network name and Security key if needed and make sure to turn the Save this network checkbox on (image below).

Now that the connection on your side of pc had been set up, we’re going to create the same network on the other pc the easy way, you don’t need to write down any notes for the IP or server slot and you don’t need to repeat the same process. Just prepare your flash drive or flash disk or thumb drive or whatever you call it !
Open your newly created network properties and click Copy this network profile to USB flash drive. you can also copy the network profile into memory cards if you use card reader (image below).

Now all you need to do is just plug your flash drive into your friends or relatives computer and a new option should come out in the autorun menu called Connect to a wireless network under the General options section (Image below). Just click it, and you’re connected and ready to play Minecraft on Single Player mode with your friends using LAN connection over WIFI. Just click on Open to LAN from the Game menu, your LAN game should be seen on your friend’s multiplayer server list.

Just click Connect to a wireless network and you’re connected

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